Geological-surveying services of the mining enterprises

Geological survey services for mining operations are an important part of the system for ensuring the quality of extracted minerals and include a comprehensive geological and mining-geometric study of the Deposit. The scope of work and methods for solving these problems depend on the features of the geological structure of the field, the development system used and the productivity of the quarry.

- Creation of a network of reference points

- Gyroscopic orientation

- Determination and accounting of volumes of overburden, extraction of mineral resources, taking into account the maximum use of parameters of mining and transport equipment

- Control over the completed volumes of mining operations

- Organization and conduct of instrumental observations of the processes of rock movement, manifestations of mountain pressure, deformations of the earth's surface, buildings and structures, the stability of ledges, sides of quarries and dumps

- Improvement of the organization and methods of conducting geological surveying and technological works on the basis of wide introduction of the latest achievements of science and technology, advanced domestic and foreign experience

- Monitoring of mining operations (Compliance with the project for development and the mining development plan, other technical documentation)