Automation of mining production

The predominant direction of development of the world mining industry in the near future is considered to be an open method of field development that provides the best economic indicators. Open-pit mining accounts for more than 80% of the world's mining output. At the same time, there is an increase in the depth and scale of open-pit mining operations, both in our country and abroad. The further effective development of open-pit mining operations depends to a large extent not only on the use of new and diverse types of mining and transport equipment, but also on the accelerated development and widespread implementation of modern automated control systems for mining and transport complexes using satellite navigation.

To improve the efficiency of mining production, GEO ENGINEERING is engaged in the digital transformation of mining enterprises, that is, changing the way the enterprise is managed at all stages of its creation during its main activities through the use of modern information technologies.

- Safety of mining operations

- Control and management of technological processes and production facilities

- Prompt receipt of reliable information from production facilities

- The accuracy and efficiency of measurement of parameters of technological processes

- Optimization of energy consumption

- Optimization of labor input of technological process control

- Information transparency of enterprise management

- Automation of accounting documentation maintenance and storage

- Reducing the time spent on staff orientation in a regime and operational environment

- Research works (R & d)