Design of mining enterprises

When designing the development of new fields, as well as changing design solutions for already developed deposits, three-dimensional models allow you to perform multivariate calculations for various scenarios of field development. When designing and evaluating new deposits under conditions of low exploration, our specialists try to cover all the existing uncertainties and make calculations not only based on the expected (most likely) version of the model, but also taking into account the entire range of possible variants of the geological structure. This approach allows you to objectively assess and minimize the risks associated with geological uncertainty.

- Frame and block modeling of ore deposits, calculation of reserves (K-Mine, Micromine, Surpac)

- Determination of optimal boundaries for open-pit mining operations using modern optimization programs

- Selection of the structure of complex mechanization of mining operations

- Optimization of schedules of mining works with the definition of the flows according to the periods of mining, ore bodies and horizons with the use of modern software complexes

- Selection of optimal technological solutions for the conditions of a particular field

- Development of technological regulations for design

- Calculation of the main and auxiliary technological processes of mining operations

- Design of quarry positions at various stages of operation

- Mining and geometric analysis (volumes of overburden rocks and ores with indication of the content of useful components)

- Determination of the possible speed of deepening and expanding the boundaries of the quarry

- Mining plans

- Exploration plans (including pilot production)

- Liquidation plans and projects


- Calculation of standards for losses and dilution, equipment, and so on

- Research works (R & d)